Audrey McNamara was born in Denver, Colorado in 1982. At a young age Audrey spent many hours at her drawing table expressing an interest and having a great talent for art. During her teenage years she won many school awards and continuously surprised her teachers. Audrey had her very first solo art exhibition in 2003 at Mutiny Now Gallery in Denver. Many more shows followed, as well as the chance to show her work in bookstores and coffee shops. When Audrey became established as a freelance artist she enrolled into Denver’s Emily Griffith Institution of Vocation and Design. Her Education in fashion design helped mold the signature style Audrey’s art carries today. At the beginning of 2009, she moved to Los Angeles, California to expand her networking and search for further opportunities. She currently resides in Venice, California, where she is raising her two children, and expounding her art experience with different types of jobs, mediums, and, ever increasing, fine art opportunities.   Audrey thanks her collectors and supporters.

Art Resume

Audrey Colette McNamara, 1982


Venice Instrument Library Resident Artist, Venice CA

Westminster Arts Collective, Venice CA

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Africano Massage Studios, Golden CO

Current Showings

Love Shack, Venice, CA

Selected Exhibitions

2003 Mutiny Now Gallery 2004 Indy Ink Screen prints
2005 Third Annual Colorado Drawing Exhibition
2007 Access Gallery group show “99 pieces of art on the wall”
2007 Dazzle Jazz Venue presents “Form or Fashion”
2007 Micro Business Development Center as ‘featured artist’
2008 Pirate Gallery group show 2008 Core gallery group show “War and Politics”
2009 Cannibal Flower group show in L.A.
2009 Self Portrait group show in L.A. 2009 Feminine Oddities show at Hive Gallery, L.A.
2009 Kaze Gallery Day of the Dead show
2009 Event “Lumie’re de Vie”Denver Foils and dies
2010 Artreach benefit. Denver Museum of Nature and Science
2010 Electric Punanny. Guerilla Garden. live painting
2010 Headlined Pathways presents Mind/Body/spirit DC
2011 Dacia Gallery, NY
2012 Occupy Art Show, LA
2012 Santinos, Venice
2013 Hale Art Space, Santa Monica
2013 Holiday Chalet “Dia de los Muertos” Denver
2014 Venice Museum of Contemporary Arts
2014 Venice Beach Music Festival
2015 Venice Art Block
2015 Hale Art Space, Santa Monica
2015 Mar Vista Art Walk

Recent Press

2007 the Denver Voice presents it’s featured artist
2007 Urban Cab Project covered by channel 53
2007 Show condo project takes front page story of “Colorado Homes and Lifestyles”
2008 DNC Manifest Hope show brings small excerpt in Westward
2009 Artist Protest covered by Venice Beachhead
2009 LA ArtPark
2010 Larimer Chalk Arts Festival
2010 Denver Art News 2010 G.R.I.T.S. art blog. Denver
2012 Local IQ. Book Review. Princess Marisol and the Moon Thieves
2013 LA Times. Event Review. Talking Stick Coffee Lounge
2014 Beachhead. Political Illustration.
2015 Free Venice Beachhead. 400th Edition cover illustration

Further Interest

2005-2007 facilitated a water color class for ‘Memories in the Making”
2008 Cover illustration for Barak Obama “Make it Happen” book
2008 Selected to do muraling for Boutique Apartment’s ‘Metropolis” building
2008 did murals at the Omation animation studios in San Juan Capistrano
2009 founded and created Venice Beach Zine
2010 collaborated with Moziac productions in Venice, CA
2010 Hip Hop week. taught history of graffiti. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio
2011 honorable mention
2012 P0p69 Illustration Project
2013 Thomas Storesund Interview
2014 International Contemporary Artists” art book, volume VIII


2006-2007 Certificate Program in Fashion Design/Professional Sewing at Emily Griffith Opportunity School
2007 painting apprenticeship with Catherine Redfern
2008 12 week caricature training. six flags
2010 intensive study: Graffiti

Field Experience

live drawing with a model, portraiture, murals, live painting- performance, logo design, illustration, tattoo design, caricaturing, lettering/script, sculpture, tutoring